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Marisol López, the power of the correct words.

Listening to Marisol López is convincing you that the true human value should be appreciated in its simplicity. A woman with a personal and professional background of real luxury, but who can make the climate of a meeting become something relaxed, open, fresh, simply with a word or a phrase at the right time. And through this, the best connections, the best relationships, and the best prescriptions are made.

With Marisol López, we have in common an extensive career of knowledge both personally and professionally, especially due to our contacts with the international market. We began to collaborate in an official event together in 2012.

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Since then time has passed and we would like to know what you have focused on and for those who do not know you, to introduce yourself a little:

Well, in addition to other qualifications, I am a lawyer by profession. I am a person who has always been interested in the human subject. I am a social educator and graduated in topics of drug addiction and sexual affective issues. I have done things with the Olof Palme Foundation; I have also collaborated with the Fundació Pere Tarrés. In my life, I have done different things and I am always open to whatever comes up. I am very intuitive and am always following the trail of what interests me.

My main function is the legal one – I am also preparing oppositions for the judiciary. It is through this legal side that I have established a series of trusting relationships with the people I work with that almost always ends with friendship.

It all starts with a working relationship, at a desk, with someone who has been recommended to talk to me. I do not go anywhere, I do not have a business card, but people recommend my services.

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You started very soon…

I started in 1992 – still a minor when my father Javier López founded the office. He took me to important meetings with people of great political and economic status and I was always attached to him. When my father moved away from the labor issue, I began to develop my own way of working. Everything starts with a problem in an office and I try to show that the problem is not as much of an issue as it seems to be.

A personal brand does not have as much to do with having cards or a competent website as with what you transmit. There does not have to be an electronic tool because the person does it. You generate confidence beyond the professional theme. Your brand, your essence is what you transmit in everything and that generates your personal and professional success. That experience was acquired at an unusual age and as you grow up, makes you have your own criteria.

I usually attend training courses, coaching, and my goals will expand according to the needs of the moment. As I say, I’m very faithful to my instinct and when I think I can be wrong about something, I’m guided. The legal issue and the relationships of trust have led me to carry out large volume operations at a national and international level. And for those in which I have needed help, I have searched for it. I do not count on the fear factor. I believe that going forward, with kindness and with confidence, you end up solving any issue. I gain confidence and security through my humility if I do make mistakes and know how to learn from them.

This way you will know how to reach the resources to reach your goal:

One important thing that I have when it comes to doing jobs is that I can always sit at a round table. At first glance it may seem silly. It means that when you intervene in a conversation, you sit down with people at a “round table”, looking into people’s eyes. In fact, I have these round tables for that; for me it is very important to act confident with everyone I meet with.


We understand that you are an expert in non-verbal communication:

I do not put labels; I trust and manage to contact. I believe that situations of empathy and compassion leads me to understand the position of each person. Instead of putting myself in front and taking out the bad, I instinctively correct it so that empathy keeps flowing.

When I teach myself in subjects of corporal communication, I read but I lack things that are not put in the books which is noticeable for me.

You have your own practical theory:

I do not like to pigeonhole a person because with a certain gesture, he does or does not lie. I like to get the truth discreetly and efficiently so that the other person has an exit. I try to stay with the best of people.

We could say that, in a homemade way, you must be a good psychologist:

In legal matters, I act as a mediator without being one. I apply common sense and the psychological issue is very important. You perceive the emotional issues in topics that are not always marital, such as mercantile. Topics in which it is noted that the entente is being obfuscated, can be reached if there is no emotional part.

New projects, new business sectors you want to reach:

I have always had the goal of working for myself. Until now, I have always been able to fulfill and be my own boss. Not only do I touch on the legal issue, I also complement it with real estate. My brother and I now run the company and have gone from 4 collaborators to 20 direct and exclusive associates. We have a team of four internal lawyers; each one of them dominate a direct and external area who advise us on other types of issues. Now we open the third office in which we unite with the legal issue. Each one in his task try to cover everyday reality from A to Z.


You have always been very open, looking for new opportunities. The international market has always been a challenge but today it is a regular market:

The national market is a usual market. I have always believed in the national market because of the different vicissitudes. I have made operations that would be impossible without the national market. We were lucky to be able to work with people from France, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, and Panama as well as do operations in surprising places like Germany because of their formality, efficiency and the gift of words and the clash of hands that still remains valid there.

It shows the ability to apply the experience acquired in day to day life. That is one of the things we must regret, that in our country, the educational principles are not reflecting. Despite a lack of leadership in society, talent fled by an unattractive offer, lack of entrepreneurship as a core subject. Stimulating people who have these skills, helps motivate us to invest. You have created a multinational in Barcelona:

Yes, we have the headquarters in Barcelona, but we have done work everywhere, in the places where the people who wanted to hire us were. Lack of leadership is associated with lack of groups. There can be no leader without a group and with no group, there is much individualism. Too much individuality without a leader hints at a lack of companionship.

Do you know why you see it so easy? Is it because you have never had barriers? The barriers are protection, but the lack of barriers allows you to move forward. Adding to your group what you need, to understand and open up to the world:

It’s important for companies to create these types of resources that would create many dilemmas about how to work. The problem is that the leaders also want their chair and their boss position.


New personal projects?

Every time the end of the year arrives, I notice that I am fulfilling my personal projects. I also do not have big projects, but one goal is having my basic needs covered. I feel fortunate to have them well covered, to be able to help my family, and be the best possible.

On one of my trips to New York, saying all with respect, I was walking through the Jewish neighborhood when I realized that I had to work with that world. Now I’m going to start some projects in Miami with my partner and spend more time living there.

That on a personal level. Any other challenge?

At a work level there are important challenges. There is a project in Barcelona, very close to the center, a sports project of 14 thousand square meters and I am the person who will advise on the legal level as well as the media level. It will collaborate with great brands and elite athletes. It is going to create a brand that I will proudly be involved in.

Another challenge would be the development of investments in geriatric and at the level of funds in hotel areas by Barcelona.


You are a networker because you generate a network of contacts through human values. From Romero Premium Networking, we believe that returning to human values is important because only with a good reputation can things be done.


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