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Afterworks Romero Premium Networking

Consolidation of the monthly events Romero with a clear bet for the International Resident as a booster of proactivity in Barcelona: gastronomy, art and especially people with a clear wish of, throughout the Premium Networking (networking + human values) meet the adequate people.

Throughout this activity we achieve to create an adequate environment for, from a trusting status, face any kind of project, personal and/or business related, with our networking.

We cannot think about a better way to be able to develop our ideas and our objectives, than with people who have proportionate us enough trust to start by their side what it passionate and interested us. Let’s not limit ourselves, let’s not pretend, and let’s remove any restraint that could reduce our potential.

Below is show some “highlights” of the three after works occurred so far this year in the environment of Romero:

Afterwork Romero Premium Networking:  Art & Gastronomy, pillars of our way of life:

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The Human connection continues working in the third after work Romero Premium Networking:

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After work Romero: Premium Networking of another level:

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