Henri Mor, an oil fruit of love

There are moments in life when we live an epiphany. Situations that tell us that our life is about to change, that something has entered within us making us into another person. And when that happens, if we are brave and honest with ourselves, we must not miss the opportunity to do what we have to do.

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That’s the story of Henri Alegría, a young Venezuelan with Catalan roots, and his discovery of olive oil and entry into the olive growing world. It all begins with something as ordinary in our culture as is eating a slice of bread with tomato and oil. Suddenly, the same thing that happens to many people who taste a top-quality olive oil for the first time happened to Henri Alegría. It is usual for us to eat and enjoy olive oil, but not as much for those coming from different gastronomic cultures. The case is that Henri Alegría was delighted with the oil he was tasting and asked where it came from.

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And that profound taste for olive oil took him to a family finca in Juncosa, Lleida, land of ancestral olives. Henri fell deeply in love with both the estate and olive oil, as he dedicated himself to the quest for his own oil. To that end, he left Miami, the city he resided in, to move to our country and begin studies in order to acquire the necessary knowledge and take a leap forward in this matter, taking advantage of the raw materials he had discovered.

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And he succeeded. With only two years of operations, his company Henri Mor based in Juncosa, Lleida, has been gradually taking over the most selected international markets.  “I’ve always been passionate about gastronomy, but this new experience has inspired me. I specialized myself in tasting and sensory analysis of extra virgin olive oil, learned from the leading experts in the field, talked to celebrated chefs, and got the best advice. From that moment on, I focused together with my team on becoming one of the top 10 olive oil brands in the world.”

This is the story of an encounter. Of a person that finds a passion. And we continue this story by enjoying an extra virgin olive oil fruit of love.

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Henri Mor
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