Foreign Residents: mission accomplished by Romero

The title of this post may seem like the title of a book by Noah Gordon or Dan Brown, and not the key and cornerstone of Romero as a company, and of Israel Romero as a person.

No longer than 4 years ago, I was a person with very defined characteristics as a professional: a winner, always ahead of my clients and patronizing in order to keep them in my portfolio on a yearly basis. I mostly acted as a provider of services and by that I mean whatever my clients asked me to do, without them thinking, they got it, even if it might not have been, because of my criteria and what was happening around them at that time, what they were really asking me to do from the beginning.

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It was frustrating to see that creative proposals with a solid argumentation in experiences with non-nationals, were heard, but never carried out. Like I said, frustrating. But I could not go against what I was experiencing in first person. My life and environment were changing so quickly, while services for new residents, or those foreigners who have settled here, were evolving at the same cruising speed. I received this definite “click” in 2016, after working with foreigners since 2010 on a regular basis. I was noticing that this group needed a national leadership to help local companies evolve and perceive these people as residents with full honors.

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To do this, our crusade was based on creating bi-directional integration plans, that is to say, for both people (B2C) and local companies (B2B), and thus accelerate the processes of understanding. In this first stage, and certainly the hardest of them all, we could not do so in a way that is traditionally accepted: use the media and, from there, instruct both parties for their integration. Because of the absence of some specific media aimed at so many different nationalities, the eternal question here was the type of content that could be attractive to this target audience. It is for these reasons that we preferred physical contact, direct action, and organizing events, so that brands/companies could draw their own conclusions, and get the same answer as the one we already suspected: that these foreigners were already 100% residents in this country. The knowledge of the local language and of our own customs were facilitating their integration, but that part of us being sensitive to their cultural differences, and getting closer to them through communication, was missing.

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Another major hurdle to overcome until now has been how to find them and make them come to our businesses in a direct manner, and not through hints or by chance. Another need that Romero has been figuring out is the creation of integrative activities through two very important pillars to bridge the gap between both cultures: art and gastronomy. Both have greatly facilitated the relationship and mutual understanding to reach the ultimate consequence: confidence. If we want to strip the soul of the people, regardless of their nationality, art and gastronomy make a good combination, and also with the best possible results.

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And yet, that relational option as the only way was well worn and limited. Hence, we had to create a path to go farther and faster. And there was only a way to pull this off: by creating a digital newspaper of our own in order to provide them with information and knowledge of what happens around them filtered by Romero, a company based on human right principles such as transparency and professionalism, and also an expert in intelligent communication, meaning that it can provide information and confidence at the same time.

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And thus was born Premium Networking Times, our support to meet this demand and to help our national partners come closer to the new residents. And through this direct form of communication, in addition to intelligent and sensitive social activities, ensure the success of generating confidence with them. Their enviable purchasing power and high cultural level make them understand the value of things, and if we remind them of this at media level, everything is easier.

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However, let us not forget that loyalty cannot be achieved through a single triumph, quite the contrary. This is just the beginning of a relationship that will consolidate exclusively through hard work and perseverance – forever and ever!

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