Branded Content. Every brand has a story to tell

You have a story to tell. Things keep happening to us every single day. Even the most insignificant of them can be told. Brands too.

Companies, as well as their products, cannot just be limited to a shop counter or a shelf. And they aren’t. If we want what we do to have a much stronger link with the public, with the real people that we interact with, we must create a story, a tale, that creates a link between what we are doing and the people.

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Stories and tales, those small pieces of life that increasingly appear in commercials; the inclusion of brands sometimes casual or unexpected in situations that seem far away; the implementation in the context of a brand, product or service, close to those who are to enjoy them. Or simply as a companion, being there, becoming part of people’s lives.

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At Romero we are aware of the value of creating a tale or a story. And our value is that life on its own and human relations turn the work of those who connect into something commonplace and essential, which has always been appreciated and needed to get the most common or unannounced projects underway. Life has put us all in the need of knowledge, relationships, know-how, as well as someone to carry out something we deem urgent. Or perhaps of making the dream of our life come true. We are, unless proven otherwise, social beings. We need life in relation to others, from the moment we get up in the morning until we go to bed at night.

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In our story we like to be an element that can be told. We like to talk about our city, Barcelona; we like foreign residents to discover the virtues of a wonderful city, of Catalonia and the rest of Spain. We like them to know that, with us, they can get what they need and embark on any desired project. Our story belongs to those who are always on our side, creating spaces of contact and conversation, being an element that can be counted on. The story of Romero is the value of an innate condition. Being, adding value, connecting.

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It’s a common, but also meaningful, story. And it’s being written every day. As your own story. As life itself. And most importantly, following the Romero recipe: sharing, transparency, honesty and professionalism.

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