Premium Networking Times. The next step

It’s imperative. It’s in the air. It’s in the sign of the times. And also in our DNA.

We can keep turning this thing on our heads until, maybe next year, we get a new list of trends in which they insist again on what we have to do. If we have something, if we do something, if we believe that there is something, why don’t we tell about it?

If the whole world has opened its doors to communication, to the flow of information, sometimes banal and other times important, we want to be part of it all. That is why we are determined to tell what happens to us, what happens to our friends, what is our vision of the world in which we move around.

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Indeed, we have put together a medium of communication of our own: Networking Premium Times. In the end, this is the next logical step once we have decided that Romero has something to say. We want to give our point of view and be a melting pot through which we give a vision of the world.

And it is not a matter of great expectations or large investments. At the end of the day, the tools provided by social media today in its different versions, make every single one of us smaller “media outlets.” We communicate, talk, make comments, expose our ideas, influence the opinion of others, show our tastes, and make others give us their nod. As simple as that.

Therefore, the creation of Premium Networking Times, our window to the world, means nothing other than to give shape and body to something that we have been doing continuously for a long time. We’re going to do it and we’re going to do it right.

Romero’s digital newspaper contains all categories related to the partners of the Catalan business consultancy firm. And people close to Romero will be writing content with very interesting stories for sharing, including how partners will be using it as a platform for communication to the outside world and taking advantage of the privileged positioning on the Premium Networking concept that Romero has.

Because today to communicate is essential for any human activity. Even more so if our aim is to connect people, institutions and companies with common values and interests. To get to know each other, express ourselves and give a voice to what we think is the key. And we are headed that way. Will you join us?

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