Human connection keeps doing the trick in third Romero Premium Networking Afterwork

A quite international night full of people eager to share contacts and lifestyle, always with the touch of Romero.

An inner feeling keeps telling me that our ceiling is yet to be reached.  Because anywhere you look in Romero Premium Networking Afterwork events, I only see people that know me for different reasons and, with all of them, there is an affective-professional link as a result of a single formula in Barcelona that allows us to establish very special relationships between people that get together there.


That’s the power of Romero’s contact network, people who have a connection between them as a common thread thanks to me, Israel Romero. Forgive me if this seems little humble to you, but is that I have created around myself a philosophy of life, in my image and likeness, that consists of giving and receiving from people who think the same way. No one is selfish here, you can’t be, because if so, you’re out of the game, out of our club. Everybody should build a contact network before they need it, but only a few do so.

In Spain, we believe that in professional life you owe what you are today to what you have obtained, and that same modus operandi should be successful in the future, without any changes if things are going well. Do you really think so? I have to say that I don’t. Today you are simply what you share and nothing more. And if you don’t share, you regress and end up outside the labor market much faster than you think. The world is moving very fast and companies are not prepared structurally for so many changes in so little time.

Ignorance and Fear. The threats of networking

But why is it so hard for people to share their business ideas, advices, contacts, and so on? Well, it’s not because there is no way to protect the interests of each person by sharing sensitive information from people (and there are a lot of them who restrict their information by the time they give it to someone), but that ignorance and fear are two factors threatening a large number of businesses that are born out of events such as that held on Friday, February 22.

I can assure that Premium Networking is an essential part of the construction of personal wealth.

And there is nothing more to say!!! Those who know how to generate their own networking circle, and bring it into harmony to make it grow, will get a beautiful music out of it, and without any irritating noises in the background, because we have also worked very carefully to close the virtuous circle of networking.

And it is on that level that everything starts moving faster than usual, so if you’re not an expert in Premium Networking – let’s keep in mind that those are people who share human values with each other – there is a big chance that you’ll lose, and that’s what Romero is here for, to shed light and sensitivity on the road of our partners seeking other partners to evolve, and that of final customers yet to convince.

And Romero, at lightning speed, keeps generating with its connections new possibilities for its partners, who obtain the desired results, translating into real options for growing through this human means.

With more foreigners than nationals eager to make connections and share their professional and social ideas, the Ale-Hop hall hosted a get-together for all of them almost premeditated and foreseen in advance by Romero, because the key to success of these events is to figure out beforehand, with a high degree of knowledge, how all the guests are going to fit in.

Xavi Lahuerta, our Gastronomy Ambassador, and I had the idea to introduce a second culinary protagonist, Fabiano de Amorim, CEO of the Japanese tavern Kibō (hope), for some delicatessen inspired by their latest culinary designs, and we were able to watch, live, how the dishes were prepared, cutting the tuna and salmon with incredible precision, and with a result hard to explain in words – and with the touch of Xavier Lahuerta to top it off!!!

Alehop 240219 159

And there’s room for everything at Romero if there is a willingness to share. But of course, even the international community residing here is vast majority in the afterworks, because it has much more clear that only by doing activities with networking professionals, there won’t be unpleasant surprises of any kind.

Enjoying the food was not a difficult thing, because Henri Mor’s olive oil enhanced the flavor of everything that was being served. At Romero, we’re excited to be part of this international project of a brand born in the heart of Lleida. An EVOO already being used by 16 Michelin-starred chefs throughout the world on a daily basis!!!

PNT 3rAfterworksRomero ACEITE HENRI MOR

In this afterwork, we welcomed Rita Miller Bcn as female fashion co-branding, while Lisi del Castillo, CEO & Founder who, from the heart, designs custom dresses for women, introduced the company. With vision and professionalism, Romero, and thanks to Cristian Sardá, our Public Relations Manager, placed its bets on del Castillo from minute 0 as we immediately realized that she had to belong to our exclusive club. Several of our lady guests immediately made an appointment with del Castillo to expand their wardrobes after meeting her.

PNT 3rAfterworksRomero CRISTIAN SARDA

We consolidated the Romero Afterwork format after the first two months of the year, which, unlike previous years, is going to be very prolific in relational actions.  Because we have come to the conclusion that, in order to be happy, you just have to do what you love, and find people with the same parameters for your life. So, we will continue projecting this lifestyle in the coming months. In March … we’ll have surprises in our afterwork, so stay tuned. See you on March 29!!!

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