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In recent months, I have been discovering a gap between what our customers and potential customers offer from their products and/or services, and how to communicate it to the end customer.

And the prognosis we can give in this regard is the following: there is a significant deficit of smart communication.

Smart communication is a gateway to knowledge within the organization itself, while its strategic management generates human value. If employees are informed and feel proud of belonging to that particular company, they will become the best representatives of the brand.

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Smart communication is an effective communication method because it is focused on the receiver; the most effective means to best convey a message are known through it; what to tell the receiver – and the way to do so – is planned. But to do this, communication should be clearly aimed at the appropriate person(s), avoiding ambiguities of conveying a generalized message and getting a response from the wrong receiver. Also important is using a positive and familiar language, one that generates a positive influence toward the idea that we are expressing.

Thus, as we say at Romero, we enter another level that is conveyed from the emotional connection, beyond knowledge and speech/argument. It’s about bringing people to another level in their way to convey ideas. It’s about engaging in a communication that connects from the heart and that leads to a more persuasive and high-impact position rather than a routine, schematic, disconnected, and complicated way of communicating.

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People are very focused on communicating for what they know, not for what they are. At Romero, we say that the ideal thing is to put both verbs together: to be and to know. Because only in this way we can fully convey what we mean or cause with it: communication that generates compression on the part of the receiver and the consequent positive reaction towards stimulus, eventually generating business.

A person with smart communication does not think of himself, nor his interests when he communicates. He focuses on the needs of others. As a result, being more empathetic will be more effective and successful. “It’s the affection effect; the value effect; the return effect.”

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And it’s very important to know the target audience we are going to address. In this way, we will be able to provide them with the information they require so they can understand what we do or what we offer. And today the online channel not only can be conceived as successful for generating leads through advertising banners. The Premium market should also be stimulated through branded content to reach the desired target audience through emotion and values that make a connection with the two parties. It should be kept in mind that receivers have changed and no longer have a clear or traditional pattern (now factors such as nationality, age, purchasing power, channels through which they communicate, etc., need to be taken into account.)

There is no communication without passion and, today, the slogan of a good communicator is to innovate or die. Commitment is decisive in communication. You can have warmth, enthusiasm, passion, but if there is no commitment, communication does not exist, only information is given.

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The success of smart communication comes when you have expected answers through what is conveyed. The gold nuggets, as Romero calls those people who understand what we convey, and want that message for themselves and share it with their own people.

In conclusion, we should become obsessed to convey more what we do and how we do it with heart and soul than just saying something through original and colorful ads that we offer these products or those services. Let us convey what we want from our customers with more transparency, and we will definitely get a more effective response and conversion.

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