The Barcelona-based consultancy firm has picked a very select group of people to celebrate the Chinese New Year, year 4716 or Year of the Pig.

It fits like a glove. That’s how we could describe Salón de los Atlantes, the main space at Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona (RCAB). As neoclassic as it can be, this venue becomes the right place for intellectual stimulation and for interacting and networking with the people present there. It has become such a habit for Romero that we can even say it has been deeply internalized, but when we take a look at the convening power we have to create moments where people from different nationalities (9 until yesterday) can meet, and when differentiating between the people from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Continental China within the Chinese community, you can tell something is changing in Spain, particularly in Barcelona.

PNT Año Chino RCA 156

International residents have literally taken the city, and they are here to stay. Countless projects were discussed yesterday by guests from sectors as varied as arts, automotive, shipping companies, industries, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, gastronomy, Chinese traditional medicine, airlines, and so forth. Business opportunities are always created in these events as a result of our hard work.

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Everything was carried out in absolute harmony between the 30 guests that celebrated the Chinese New Year. An achievement by Romero in a year that should be of consolidation of the foreign resident market in which, strangely, we are not seeing much movement besides our own towards emerging and relevant communities such as the Chinese. What is the reason for this lack of local interest? At Romero we can’t think of a particular motivation, but what we can reaffirm is that our society should make a bigger mental effort and realize that if we don’t embrace the new cultures that have arrived in our country, we will fall further behind and we will not be able to build a relationship with them.

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And we should be doing this as of NOW!!! And there is nothing better and more gratifying than connecting people that you know will perfectly fit in from the very moment they meet each other. The magic of that moment is conveyed and, like a good wine does, will leave a good taste in the mouth that should never be forgotten. However, is there anything better than human relationships? Each conversation becomes a new path to discover new experiences with that particular person as they create a unique relationship that will possibly make us lifelong “partners in crime.” We always say at Romero that sharing is the guiding thread of everything and what makes everything blossom first, and then flow.

And here we are accompanying Cars Barcelona on this journey of introduction into Romero’s Chinese and international community in Barcelona. And also well accompanied by its representatives, all of them women, by the way, Marga Gavilán, Marina Planas, and Ariadna Verge (Manager, Head of Marketing for the car dealer and Business Development Manager at Quadis, respectively). And introducing its AMG and Performance Center, the largest in Spain and the most exclusive. It is very important to understand that human relationships today with potential customers should be developed in this type of events, where being sensitive and empathetic to the new social realities will generate many new business possibilities.

And because this is an event with an important base of Chinese customers, we found very relevant the support we got from companies that have trusted Romero as are Global Times, KAO (who brought us a tasting of exclusive teas from China), Air China and Linkchina. We have a special relationship with each one of them that bridges the gap between both communities.

This wonderful venue as is Salón de los Atlantes dazzled guests and much more when they had the honor to visit artist Pepa Poch’s Sala de Luz by the hand of José Félix Bentz, president of RCAB, an almost magical place where art is felt in all four sides.

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In addition, Xavier Lahuerta, our Gastronomy Ambassador, and Henri Mor, the Premium EVOO brand that has won several awards and 16 Michelin stars, prepared a series of tastings with Henri Mor’s organic oil as the leading product of these delicacies.


The Romero brand is recognized in these events as a unique company, and through art and gastronomy, which are the pillars of our experiences that also allow us to achieve our goals: undress the soul of our customers and enjoy human connections.


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