Ernest Oriol. Creating beauty since 1951.

What do we like? Do we like uniformity, what everybody wears, what makes us the same as others?

Well, maybe all of the above. We cannot deny a certain gregarious spirit of stuff for the purpose it was created. But we are not talking about that now. We are talking about something else. So what do we like? You already know. We like special things. Unique things. What helps us to define ourselves, to explain ourselves, to make a difference. Accessories, brands, styles that help us to introduce ourselves to the world.

Jewelry. It’s not the same to wear what everybody wears, despite the fact that color, size, or type of venue it was thought up for, may vary… what really makes the difference, no matter what designer or brand, is that whatever you are wearing has been specially designed for you, that has been designed with you in mind, for that occasion you’ve been waiting for.

PNT Ernest Oriol 2

This is exactly what some specialists and experts on the field, such as Ernest Oriol, do with patience, experience and dedication. With a store located on the prestigious Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona, Ernest Oriol has been dedicated to creating fine jewelry for more than half a century. Exclusivity and quality are two of its premises. Just the way we like it. Each piece of jewelry is a unique creation, especially designed for every occasion.

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A family dedicated body and soul to jewelry and to satisfy the needs of customers as it takes care of every detail during the entire process. From the selection process of the stones, the design, manufacture, to the sale of the final product.

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Since 1951, Ernest Oriol has been a specialist in rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, engagement rings, among others. Visiting the Passeig de Gracia store represents, for a few moments, getting that particular piece of fine jewelry to accompany us and fulfill us. Wearing jewelry by Ernest Oriol is proof that we listen to each other, that we love each other and that there is someone who, in addition, has been able to interpret and beautifully shape what we want and what we are.

To listen and create. That’s what we like.

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