Managing People: a challenge and a necessity for ROMERO Premium Networking

We are in a society, where new technologies and electronic devices dominate everything, in terms of personal and business relationships. But the most important thing for Romero is to recover human relationships, key to generating trust and long-term projects.

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People are still amazed at what we do at Romero at the afterwork parties we organize, at different professional meetings or at events that we simply attend as guests. We tell them that our core business is very simple: we dedicate ourselves to managing people. Indeed a response of broad analysis and explanation for most individuals, but not for us.

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Managing people is the key to any project we embark on, whether on our own or in conjunction with other partners. And I assume that the human aspect of business, or that of the reason for doing business, is not a priority for most people, and we could even say it is a secondary issue. But, without a doubt, it is quite the contrary for us. As a matter of fact, it is the most important thing, the cornerstone of any project that we might want to embark on.

“The management of people is the most important thing for Romero, the cornerstone of any project that we might want to embark on.”

The management of people highlights the human values in which our professional relations are based on: professionalism, transparency, honesty and sharing. And since they are in our corporate and personal DNA, the Romero staff has among its main goals to convey these principles from the beginning, during the first talks with new potential partners and end customers, because there is no time to waste and we like to carry out direct action.

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The most important thing for our organization in a favorable and/or stable geoeconomic and political environment is to establish direct and transparent business relationships among people, making things very clear from the beginning and without leading to any further doubts. Romero is a channel or network through which both the sender and receiver must pass. And thus speed up the business processes or commercial agreements, always through us.

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This may seem simple, but it is not so much when emotions are involved and, on many occasions, when the desired goals are not conveyed in a transparent manner. And what is the reason for this? Well, because of many reasons, most of human nature. It is quite difficult for us as a society to be honest from the beginning and tell the whole truth about what we want from others. That is how you waste time and, above all, lose competitiveness and the chance of striking new deals, apart from not creating any confidence at all.

Our experience teaches us that time is essential for business, and that is why we believe that wasting it beating around the bush is simply absurd. That being said, our mission is to find the human connection with the people we do business with or manage projects – yes, projects. The basis of business for ROMERO is to carry out each negotiation as a unique project, and in that way we will always lay the foundations, every time, based on human principles and values.

Despite appearing to be obsessive, you can rest assured that this is the best mechanism we have found so far to make business or a deal work 100% for the two or three parties involved (if in some cases we act as intermediaries).

“Our mission is to find the human connection with the people we do business with or manage projects”

And the question that you can ask yourself later is the following: is it profitable to act like this? Definitely yes. Because the key to profitability is not only determined by what the business itself generates with that particular partner or end customer, but by intangible things that are even more attractive than the agreement itself. Those intangible things may not be what you are really expecting from my words, but the following: recommendations, new contacts due to satisfaction, and those that come spontaneously, to help you achieve extraordinary results every time. An inexhaustible source of potential projects through positive recommendations from the people who share human connection is the main guarantor of the construction of Premium Networking.

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It has certainly been a lot easier for us to apply this philosophy to the foreign customers living in this country. And that is understandable especially when what they want is to integrate into our society as soon as possible, and making the serious mistake of being more flexible with what is unknown to them: the lack of experience in dealing with the national society makes them more vulnerable as they try to speed up the processes of confidence, which may result in the risk of being scammed or deceived by people without values looking to lure them into some murky business.

“It has been a lot easier for us to apply this philosophy to the foreign customers living in this country”

For this reason, thanks to the extraordinary and unique opportunity that our generation is able to enjoy because of the continuing stream of talented and hard-working people from abroad, Romero has taken the undeniable opportunity to make things right, to look after their interests and to commit itself to facilitate their integration, as well as to build long-lasting networking on a solid foundation mainly based on human values.

We hope for further local cooperation in the future, so that this current prevails as a cordon sanitaire that protects this regenerative group of people bringing prosperity to our country!!!

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