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Leadership, we need you.

I was born in the middle of the 70s and after a few years, I had my first encounter with the idea of leadership. I was about 9 years old when the only channel that the television had showed me was a basketball game that forever changed my perspective. A gigantic player with the number 32 on his back played with the Lakers; gracefully with the ball against other players with no problem. That was the day that Earvin “Magic” Johnson showed me the power of leadership. Only 25 years of age, he managed to drive his team to victory and guide his teammates into the best scenario, bringing up the best out of them in the field.

That was the moment that I began to admire him and the power that leadership offers. Leadership is the most important skill that groups, companies, societies, and other groups need to have in order to make the difficult and correct choices. Sadly, our society, either the Spanish and Catalan societies, have suffered a deterioration of that exact role in aspects such as the political field and civil lifestyle. At my 42 years of age I find myself in a position where I have to lead and am prepared to do so, but I also see that my society needs more leaders so we can learn, improve, and move forward.

I believe that the fault and lack of an updated methodology that should help achieve realistic goals in the companies fall not on the hands of the employees but in the hands of the employers. Those supposed leaders of some companies have given up in any kind of improvement and they stopped supporting their own work force, creating a lack of security and enthusiasm.

Our society is changing and adapting faster than anyone thought possible, creating more relationships with other international communities. However, due to the lack of leadership in the community, our leaders have not done anything to get hold of the opportunities that can give us the advantage between other nations.

Every day, I listen to people around Spain saying that living here is a pleasure, but that doing business with their own people is a problem. They even say that we aren’t serious and that our word means nothing. We need to stop and analyze what have done wrong in the past and start working on the lack of leadership in our community.

I demand for a stronger social commitment from our leaders in their respected fields to make a strong effort with the intention to make our society known and respected again in Europe. How can we achieve that? It’s easier than we think, we need to communicate more and demand for reforms in our common interest: to be better.

We need to start now.

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