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HENRI MOR: a Spanish Brand that is liquid gold.

Pure poetry in your palate – you can taste it; Henri Mor is a nectar of the gods that humans are lucky to taste and enjoy.

Since I met the brand in mid-November, it hasn’t stopped surprising me with its ability to generate national and international recognition. All this with a single company philosophy: work.

Henri Mor is not a brand of premium olive oils well known in Spain for the general public, yet. This is because despite being the highest producing country of oil in the world, our knowledge of Spanish olive oil brands is very limited and of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) much less. It is strange that a product that makes us recognized worldwide as a benchmark of quality and uniqueness of flavor and properties is also healthy for the body. That does not have a greater importance to the internal market than the one that really has, unfortunately. It is our oleic culture that is not to shoot rockets because it is not studied neither in primary school nor in secondary school. Therefore, like many other things in Spain, it is the most typical culture in our country – that of the bar!

“In three years and little has broken into the landscape of Spanish Premium olive oil to be a full-fledged reference”

However, that is changing little by little, thanks to people like Henri Alegría, CEO & Founder of Henri Mor. A Venezuelan of Catalan origin on his mother’s side who left everything for the potential he saw in this product, the EVOO oil of the Arbequina variety of Juncosa (Lérida). With a constant work and with agri-food technological innovation (which has already given him awards) as a spearhead for differentiation in the market, in the 3 years – acknowledging what little the company had, it has obtained countless national and international recognition, besides already being the reference oil of 17 Michelin star chefs and others who, although they are not, also bet on this treasure.

In specialized stores it is a best seller and now it begins to consolidate in some countries such as the US, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Germany.

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International recognition:

And this 2019 has started in a spectacular way because they have received awards everywhere since the launch of Henri Mor: a gold medal in Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition (California) among 530 oils from around the world. An achievement that they received full of gratitude and with great humility and that gave them much encouragement to continue working for quality rather than quantity.

For that, his extra virgin olive oil, Henri Mor Private Reserve, is part of the list for best 100 EOVES in the world #evooleum2019. The 100 oils included in the list are recognized in the EVOOLEUM Awards, the International Awards for the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil organized by Mercacei and the Spanish Association of Municipalities of Olivo.

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Your biggest goal: create the best possible olive oil”

In Italy, just a few days ago, they were again awarded to the new member of the Henri Mor family, Organic extra virgin olive oil, with the Extra Gold medal at @biolprize – the most prestigious and reliable prize in terms of oils organic and sustainable olive oil of the world, by a jury of 30 experts in the field. Another award that reaffirmed his commitment to his greatest goal: create the best olive oil.

Last week, at Olive Japan – the most important competition of olive oils from Asia – after studying more than 700 samples from 24 countries, the jury awarded them the silver medal for their #ReservaPrivada and gold medal for your Organic oil.

In addition to these awards, with the aim of promoting Spanish gastronomy at events with international leaders, the Henri Mor oil was chosen for the dinner between the prime ministers of Peru and Spain in February.

Sustainability and respect for the environment:

The footprint of Henri Mor wants to be more profound, so he is committed to a healthy lifestyle with good habits and respects what we eat and the environment. The brand worries more and more every day on how to produce their oils in a sustainable way. Last year they achieved the @nongmoproject certification and this year they have added their organic line to the Henri Mor range of products, with an intense flavor and still respectful of the environment.


“Henri Mor worries every day to produce its oils in a sustainable way”

Romero is strongly committed to this brand, so much so that through Xavier Lahuerta, Romero’s Gastronomy Ambassador and who has directed his cuisine towards health, they are creating an alliance for the development of communication and synergies with the Juncosa brand to project through gastronomy, its use, and its properties.

Spain has the privilege of products such as oil AOVE – Henri Mor is proof of that. I say it is liquid gold!

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