ROMERO Premium Networking: From Coincidence to Causation

Despite being very similar words, their meaning is completely different.

Coincidence is the combination of circumstances that cannot be foreseen or avoided, and is characteristic of unforeseen events.

On the other hand, causation is the relationship or link between a cause and its effect or result of something.

Well, in the Premium Networking world we believe that nothing is casual, and that everything is nothing but a series of causalities.


Does that sound too mystical and unscientific to you? Let’s say that the answer to that cannot be monosyllabic. You need a deeper explanation so that you can understand and, above all, believe as a plausible argument.

Over the years, I have been discovering a series of coincidences that happened through conversations with friends, family members, customers and co-workers and, soon afterward, things related to these past conversations started to take place. Things that people were already talking about, or maybe some time later you met someone who was speaking precisely of that topic or concept that had arisen earlier in conversations with people of your social circle.


Have you ever had that feeling? I guess we all have. And then if it appears to be the result of an unforeseen, uncontrolled, abnormal situation… is it a coincidence that we have not been able to control or attract? Did it come to us by chance?

Over time, and thanks to the solid relationships I have forged with the people I have related with, my theory in this regard has been changing from the simple coincidence to the, philosophically speaking, set of things that happen for a reason.


But why? I am not a scientist to develop a theory to explain what happens to me, but I can tell you that, through a series of actions, I have managed to find an explanation that, at least to me, is just as good.

I consider myself a person who likes to understand the world I live in, and I connect that, sometimes almost obsessively, with reading the media. Because as I say to my work team, there is nothing more effective than reading to better understand our world, and that it is up to us to make an interpretation of the same through our experience.

But you also have to add other tools provided by these potential sparks of coincidence that are finally the result of having mixed them all together.

The professional and constant use of our own social media makes our communication reach far beyond what we think, and it doesn’t matter if we don’t see it reflected in the standard indicators (i.e., number of likes, comments etc.). Because not everyone, despite the fact of liking what they see, approves it just by giving it a thumbs up. So many times we are not aware of the extent of our communication.


Then there are all the business meetings that I hold every week. These experiences are full of conversations in which we mix together the professional side with the personal one and, hence, become an opportunity to accelerate coincidence processes that can transform into opportunities to meet people or provide information to develop business operations. And this is achieved through conversations with people with whom there is a human connection and human values that allow in an unscientific manner – and I recognize that – to meet more people, the right ones, in order to continue growing.

Here is a piece of advice for this recipe to work: maintain a good reputation, do good and, above all, be a honest professional eager to share with others. That’s the recipe for success here at Romero Premium Networking.

Influencers, bueno para nuestra empresa

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