AFTERWORK ROMERO: Premium Networking taken to another level

I’ll try to be as brief and objective as possible: the Afterwork Romero event on Friday, January 25, exceeded all expectations.

And not just because of the type of guests – from 10 different nationalities -, but because of the sense of harmony and connectedness in the air from the beginning.

Romero has been able to develop a business philosophy that is breaking the mold: we believe that there is no other way to connect and build trust than through transparency, honesty, professionalism and sharing with others.

Sharing and sharing…. and we won’t stop doing so…, because the more you give the more you receive. It may seem a nice set of words, but honestly, every day we have examples confirming that there is NO other way of living than to make the lives of the people we care about easier as much as we can.

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And when human connection is real, nationality is not a barrier, and neither is religion, nor social status – not even age. You just have to be convinced that we can all help each other, anytime, and with any person.

Anywhere I looked during the event, I realized that I was not necessary for making introductions, I mean, the fluidity of communication, and complicity between people who had just met, laid in the transparency of the profile of these persons, who were there, having a nice time, which was an indescribable pleasure for me to watch.

When you can afford to have guests with ages between 20 and 80 years, and there is no difference between those present, you realize that human values continue to be trendy despite the age gap, and that is what makes us different at Romero. We simply believe in this, not in some sectors or people from a particular professional profile; the feelings and emotions generated by the fact of being comfortable with people brimming with human values, give us enough energy to continue on this path.

And what about the gastronomic offer by Xavier Lahuerta and Miguel Guimerá for this event? Simply magnificent and varied with dishes featuring duck, suckling pig, honeyed veal, bluefin tuna, parmiggiano, anchovies from Santoña, sturgeon (courtesy of Gourmet Divus), octopus, lemon pie, matcha pie, 70% cocoa truffles, unique wines made with Malvasia grapes by Celler Wines, Cava Blancher, and the introduction at Romero of Porto of Dragons, a Lleida-based company that makes unique artisan spirits the traditional way! As unique as it is to watch a bunch of people from Russia drinking Catalan vodka!!!

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But a special mention is for Henri Mor, the extra virgin olive oil brand that introduced us to the organic oil 2018, something sublime that amazed all people attending the event.

We had many surprises for our guests and tons of Premium Networking that will generate business opportunities for everyone there in the future.

And we are already working on the February 22 issue with more and better content.

See you next time!!!


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