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Pilar Latorre, when the illusion of a dreamlife turns into a professional project.

Personal branding has become, in Romero Premium Networking, one of the most successful and appreciated services within our portfolio. This result is given due to the relationships that we create with our networking; Pilar Latorre is a perfect example of this statement.

The quality and web design that Pilar made by herself before I met her in 2014 amazed me. She was able to connect with the social group as well as establish friendships with people, such as Chef Ferran Adria, who is known for exquisite cuisine known around the world. When we talked, I discovered that each passing year she traveled with numerous people of higher international level (such as Americans, Australians, Europeans and more). During that time, I was searching for ways to connect with the field of gastronomy and create experiences since it was a large demand inside the international profile of Romero.

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Evento Qatar Airways en Costa Brava.

“We started to develop a strategy to start from the beginning: The web.”

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Evento Qatar Airways en Madrid.

Sadly, when we started to talk, I realized that Pilar had a similar problem. She lacked a strategic plan to strengthen her personal brand and her web with a great percentage of the people in our country. She needed to find a way to upgrade her game and rise in the international level.

We began to create a strategy that used the web as the keystone for Pilar in order to evolve her brand. We emphasized on the concept of world cuisine as her own personal project which would drive the name Pilar Latorre World Cuisine as the top interest around the Catalan cuisine. To achieve that goal, we needed to work with one of the best tools of interaction with the public, a blog. With this tool, we are going to be able to publish documents, pictures, news and posts about what we do; interviews, our partners, events and more. We also had to create a marketing plan to implement the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube for our benefit towards new markets of potential consumers and partners.

We still needed to create a balance between effort and perseverance in order to best ensure our success of these projects. In this part, a few of the aspects in Romero would help us be more proficient in aspects such as empathy with the clients, strong teamwork, flexible schedule, networking use, between others.

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This is the kind of work that is for medium and long term because of the use of new technology and social media for our company which has created a sense of trustworthiness in our business.

However, we must also acknowledge the “Achilles heel” that companies have during their performance if the structure is not set properly in place. Some companies do their best to sell their brand and their ideas to the consumers, but in the end, all that they can come out with is smoke. That effect can be caused by having a sort of none web of networking or that their workforce has almost no people specialized in one or more fields.

Now, in our fifth year working together, the project is continuously growing and attracting people into our reach. We also planned different gastro-cultural travels and presentations around the globe where Romero would be present and contribute to our shared goals. With our constant appearance on “The Premium Networking Times,” we have the possibility to create prominence towards Pilar at the international level. A personal brand has no time to rest and continues working towards the future business opportunities with new companies or individuals that can contribute toward the networking web.

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“Romero has been able to generate new and important partners to Pilar Latorre, giving her more access to brands of luxury and prestige while at the same time facilitate her professional labor.”

People such as Pilar Latorre; unbeatable, energetic, and a desire to learn, are the reasons why I enjoy what I do and why I can say “I have the luxury to work on this”. With people like her, we have been able to learn and continuously practice different activities that only they have the means to teach us; activities that can be used to expand and supplement our web and services.

Romero believes that the constant interaction with these individuals help stimulate our creativity and boost brands such as Pilar Latorre World Cuisine.

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Everyday Romero is more dedicated, passionate, and a more significant company due to the incredible insight that partners such as Pilar Latorre, the Queen of the World Cuisine contributes to us.

Más información en: www.pilarlatorre.com

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