After four years proclaiming the Premium Networking concept, in ROMERO I have concluded that we are not convinced by the value of the product or service. Although for the emotional value and passion that we offer to communicate it. So that, those values ​​among others are essential for sensory connectivity.


 “To succeed you have to sell” that was the premise that they instilled in the companies where I had worked. Above all the product or service had to be sold. Everyone must indeed give their touch, their style for sale, but by all means, for you to succeed, you should have convinced selling. Throughout my professional career, I have been observing that this “potion” was not quite accurate. And even more, it’s the opposite.


The importance of the human component in commercial communication has been not very high. Because on many occasions you received the comment of “I’m sorry, but it won’t be able to be, although I have to say that you are nice and if it were for you I would buy it”. Then you conclude that perhaps trying to be rude, not unpleasant because it would be easier not to waste time with people who don’t want to buy you. But of course, there comes the dilemma of the way you are. I would have to overact, and then I would lose my essence.


No, that I would not be able to allow it! Go against my ideal of being myself, do not fit my parameters towards human relationships. But then what approach is the best suited to convince your products or services? Well, I have to admit, after more than 20 years of commercial professional experience, I have concluded that the most important thing is to transmit knowledge, security in what one says. Do not wander or risk in mined fields of possible trap questions if the answers are unknown. And of course, transmit with passion. Passion gives you the strength to enter the one in front of you. Of course, without imposing your law, you only break in like a breath of pure air, which makes the other reacts. Although sometimes so much purity is not so pleasant to receive when you are not getting used or not prepared at that moment, the reaction is rarely negative, and at least that person could ask for a little time to rest the message and analyze it more carefully.


So, when the answers one receives are negative, what has failed? The message? The product/service? The sender, the receiver? Good question. The difficult answer, short at least. The most diplomatic would be that just a part of


But experience tells me to lean more towards the receiver. Transmitting security and firmness in the arguments has led me to conclude that not everyone is prepared to receive them, for many reasons: hierarchy in the company, ignorance, novel argument, lack of courage to make that decision …, although for me the most habitual is the lack of experience in the situations that I expose to you, and that, of course, can and creates rejection, negativity towards the unknown.


Therefore, my conclusions lead me to the fact that the passion to transmit the sales arguments of a product or service is paramount! ALWAYS! However, apart from that, we must seek, forgive, find, the human connection between you and the potential buyer. But how? Conversing, transmitting values ​​and opinions about what one says and asking the other for opinion. Please, this is not a one-way speech, this is a conversation, a human experience between two people, where you should feel the other, make nice comments that make you smile and provide information that the other appreciates. And when do you know that you have connected? Well, when you have managed to stimulate the other party and listen to an opinion or question that conveys the same to you: a sensory stimulus and then you know that there is a connection!!

At that time we must stop and that is when the terms of a possible professional/commercial agreement must be specified.


Transmitting human values ​​has led me to obtain the most precious loot the trust of the people who contract our services. And having clients/partners that are guided by the same parameters makes us reinforce more in that thesis and forget who does not believe them important.


That is why today it is sold without selling ideas/products or services, it is sold by sharing emotions and values.

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