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DME GT CLUB: The club for the sport cars lovers and more.

It is not the same to be an amateur in the motor world, and to live for the engine. It is not the same to like cars and to live cars. The latter is the case of DME GT Club, something more than a club of lovers of everything related to cars.

But not all type of cars.

We are talking about Super Cars. DME GT Club is the space for those passionate about the GT (Gran Turismo) and the lifestyle related to them in Barcelona, ​​as well as everything related to the world of exclusivity around the motor and beyond.

Three parts of the business:

This club has a structure of three important aspects that cover everything that a connoisseur of the sport cars could dream, while at the same time creates a better image to Drive Me Group as a corporative brand

  1. Drive Me Barcelona specialized in the experience of driving sport and luxury cars that the members can rent in the corporative events.
  2. Dreicar is a specialized storage that works only with luxury cars, helping them to continue perform perfectly for the events and the people interested in buying or renting the cars.
  3. DME GT Club can give and create and hots the best events with top brands and the latest models of luxury cars that the members would be able to enjoy.

Performance & pleasure:

Performance & pleasure is the concept that the club identifies itself, in other words, to avoid being a spectator but to interact with the virtues and qualities of the cars. All is about to be a member and enjoying the experiences that only DME GT Club can offer you with the most beautiful and potent machines in the market. We also have to offer a large space where the fans of speed have the chance to test their abilities as drivers.


DME GT Club covers the whole that has been present in the luxury driving service in Barcelona by creating a platform to enjoy for two hours or more of the latest luxury models of cars.”


The members of the DME GT Club can enjoy from a variety services hosted by us and thought completely for them. Some of the events that have been created for the would be:

  • Access to the Ferrari Club.
  • Access to the Aston Martin Club.
  • Access to the Motor Sport Events.
  • Access to Dreicar.
  • Rent of the latest models.
  • Car detailing and maintenance.
  • Driver services.
  • Access to the Sofia Barcelona Hotel.
  • And more.

Being part of the club let you have private access to participate in events related on that kind of lifestyle.”



Every member has the same equivalent chance to drive any car that we have in our storage, the only thing that can affects who drives a specific car is the time that it was reserved. Another thing that the members are distinguished from is the kind of level that they decided to acquire when they join (Silver, Gold and Platinum) which gives them special discounts. To accommodate the constant demand, we have been able to acquire the following brands for the enjoyment of our members:

  • Aston Martin.
  • Nissan GT-R.
  • Audi R8.
  • And more…

Choose your car, reserve it, plan your events and enjoy yourself!

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Sofia Barcelona Hotel
Barcelona · 08028 · España

Contact Info

Email: info@dmegtclub.com 
Phone: +34 661 528 170 


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