Afterwork Romero Premium Networking: Art & Gastronomy, pillars of our raison d’être

And the fourth time was a charm.

We had the desire to “migrate” from Alehop to another venue in order to carry out our Afterwork Romero event. And we wanted this space to have a different essence, where everything is eclectic, that is to say, that everything seems out of place at first glance, but, little by little, taking homogeneous form, mixing art with design, with fashion, with gastronomy and, naturally, with people, the raison d’être of Romero.

AfterworkTrafalgar 6

Begemot Art & Fashion Gallery, run by Margarita Yarmats, is very special and conveys a sense that anything can happen there. She is a very unique person and, above all, has a very big heart and eager to share the joy of living!!!

As usual, the vast majority of people who attended were international residents – although I must admit that I wish they weren’t – keen to enjoy human experiences by Romero. Why the absence of nationals? There are several reasons for this: because it’s Friday, because it isn’t a free event (I don’t want to go deeper into the subject, but I find it strange that everything in Barcelona should be free has become a habit), that there are people from other countries because of fears over foreign languages… We’re sick and tired of seeing that our society doesn’t feel like sharing new challenges and new sensations that make us understand more and better the reality of the world, and the value of what we offer to the world, with the international community. But this is something we’ll talk further about in another post!!!

However, I’m still discovering deep inside of me that I’m something of an expat myself, probably because of the Andalusian origins of my parents, but what I got with such direct immersion in the resident international community is to give real value to what we have, to what Barcelona has, to what Catalunya has, to what Spain has. Because they appreciate it and because, despite not understanding the identity issues, they are far above them. They appreciate the country’s gastronomy, eager to try out new seasonal dishes by Xavier Lahuerta, our gastronomy ambassador and new Mercer Hotels Group Executive Chef; they appreciate art, not only that of local artists, but also of new international values that have settled here.  And appreciate the pleasures that life has allowed them to enjoy.

It’s funny to see those sectors that turn their eyes away from this social category (international residents) when offering their products or services, since they are the ones that consume them most!  In the end, it was better for us to have enjoyed them and made their lives better.

The gastronomic offer by Xavier Lahuerta was healthy and top quality. In addition, our partners Henri Mor boasted its Family Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina, a nectar of the gods, while Divus Gourmet introduced a new line of products from Casa Leonardi: tomato sauce with peccorino – and vodka! –, white truffle honey, porcini fughi and white truffle cream, and white balsamic pearls with fig… simply spectacular!

For the first time, also as co-branding, we counted on a company that has it clear: international customers are the ones moving the premium consumption business in Barcelona, and that is none other than La Roca Village, which had very exclusive details for the guests such as signing them up for its exclusive Privilege program to provide them with a unique shopping experience, in addition to raffling off a few €100 coupons to be redeemed at La Roca Village.

A unique soirée featuring an unexpected live piano and Spanish guitar performance – something so Begemot, according to Margarita Yarmats. So see you in the next Afterwork Romero following the nomadic path and surprising you again with a new venue as we continue to get to know each other. We’re sure you’ll like it too!!!

See you soon!!!

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