VINS EL CEP joins the ROMERO community to continue growing

In the year 1980 The Carreras, Esteve, Masana and Parera from the Penedes area decided to join together and initiate their activity by setting up the VINS EL CEP winery in the village of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. They now join the ROMERO community so as to develop the VINS EL CEP  brand at national and international level through Premium Networking.

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I cannot help feeling happy and proud of the work I do.  Every single day of my life, wonderful things happen thanks to human resources management. That is because it allows me to meet well-aimed people along the way. People who have goals based on illusion and passion that really captivate me. There is no sensation to compare with this. I feel blissfully happy whenever I have the chance to share such experience.

VINS EL CEP has joined the ROMERO community through our Wine Coinneseur Zoltan Nagy.  This is a winery which was set up in the heart of the Penedes area forty years ago by some families that are still friends. Most notably, they have fun by making it grow little by little and steadily.

The winery itself transmits so much love and passion when it comes to taking care of the vineyards as well as the whole process of creating wines and cavas.

They pioneered not only biodynamic farming in the Penedes area but also ecological farming. All together they add up to 200 hectares. Subsequently, it is not diffcult to foresee that I am talking about one of the largest wine growing properties of the Penedes area.  One hundred per cent of their wines and cavas are produced with their own grapes. They make best-quality basic wines by practising precision farming and selective harvesting. Hence, their products are only sold in specialised establishments and high quality restaurants.



Growth target number one: international markets

Unlike other firms, their producs are internationally known but less known in Spain because of the company’s commitment to foreign markets from the beginning. Thus, ROMERO will be able to provide the best intenational expertise in order to increase and reinforce their name and market presence.

Because VINS EL CEP and ROMERO believe that only a well-known brand can develop its market presence.  And, without any doubt, VINS EL CEP has a great growth potential.

Both Asian and Eurasian markets are among priorities this year. Thefore, ROMERO and VINS EL CEP will jointly design actions focused on entering the aforementioned targeted markets thanks to their excellent strategic engagements and their homegrown commercial actions.

Our firrm has nothing to do with those people who project possible developments and desirable scenarios  while remaining sitting in their offices, away from the playing field. I am sorry for them because they are not true professionals as they show that they do not really want to share the challenge of conquering new markets through a fine quality of local products, an appropriate communication and a top level marketing policy that such unique world class products deserve.


One of our goals is increasing the international presence and the brand value of the Premium cava made by VINS EL CEP (under the concept of ‘Grower Cava’). Action at the national and local level will be further strenghtened by us through relationship marketing, networking and selective communication initiatives.


Plans for 2020

Maite Esteve’s (VINS EL CEP’s Managing Director) ) business vision is totally similar to ROMERO’s.  She does not fear anything . She wants to transfer the Penedes image to the rest of the world through the finest wines and cavas and she wants to do it with the best possible products. For her quantity is not as relevant  as quality.

Romero and Esteve bet on attracting higher quality and ‘eager for knowledge’ tourism together with a figure that almost everyone  has forgotten about: the international resident. Consequently, Romero (as a leading reference for the ‘High End’ model of international resident) will channel  a series of events in its own wine cellar.

And as we have seen before, we also bet on growing abroad.


Finally, we would like to thank VINS EL CEP for trusting us. This venture that we are embarking upon together aims to shared goals: worldwide recognition to our excellence, our products and our brands.


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