MadeinSpain.store + International Resident = the perfect match

The Covid 19 will bring us many changes and also new opportunities, it is a matter of adapting to new circumstances

MadeinSpain.store + Residente internacional = la ecuación perfecta

This week I have been reading several interviews and some articles, where very important people from the Spanish gastronomic sector glimpsed a very uncertain future for the Spanish high end gastronomic sector.

MadeinSpain.store + Residente internacional = la ecuación perfecta

Their core business is focused on international tourism, currently more than 70%, and with the new circumstances that will come to us, until 2021 or 2022, it will probably make it impossible to recover that market… So bad times predicted to one of top sectors in Spain. And the worst of all is that, around these restaurants, there are a group of small producers who work for that sector almost in exclusive, and who will also see their sales almost halted, and with the aggravating circumstance that there are no alternatives.

However, this also happens to us in Spain because the duties have not been done well. I have to admit. Firstly, the digitization of the sector is very poor. We are not talking about having a simple web page that says where we are, but need to be alive !! And what does it mean?? Well, not having a blog where you talk about what you do, or if the cases they may have, are not updated for 1 year, or in some cases 3 years! The online store hardly exists to sell books or simply does not exist. So that, it is very comfortable, to let the tourists come to you, leave you their money, but no subsequent follow-up is done, it is my opinion. First because it is literally impossible and second because on many occasions they come by travel agencies, which are the true clients, and they bring their little “herds” with a lot of relational marketing, I agree, but in the end, a cold economic transaction and.. please go next!

And food producing companies happen the same thing. Lack of investment in their own brands, too much  trust in distributors, national and international, websites that are simple and unattractive, and not working with end consumers who would be delighted to buy their products without blinking … if they knew them.

MadeinSpain.store: Romero’s alternative

We realized that the international resident was a very special group since 2006. It did not have a specific shape, basically because it did not belong to a specific culture, it was an umbrella from which hung Europeans (each from their country), Americans, Russians, Chinese, Latin Americans … therefore, despite the fact of very different reasons they made Spain their home, it was not interesting as a target audience, that had to be “attacked” from strategic marketing point of view.

It has already been 14-year-of-experience, and we have been learning little by little to give them their real value. Because each community have been growing differently, Romero managed to generate a common pattern: love for the country and the need to know it the more and the better. Therefore, our online channel’s development, which will be launched in May 2020, and which we are eager to show you.

Our goal is clear: offer only the best! Products Made in Spain, which have soul, but the soul of their producers, whether they have a history or are very recent projects. The most important thing is that they offer the highest quality.

We’ll do the rest. Online sales, a lot of content dissemination on our MadeinSpain TV YouTube channel, created to broadcast directly and in the right way. Another thing that will differentiate us is that we will sell Gastronomic Experiences designed by Romero and by some of our partners such as Xavier Lahuerta, our Gastronomy Ambassador and Zoltan Nagy, our Wine Connoisseur, who will create unforgettable moments and will make even more valuable what MadeinSpain is.

International Resident: they were always there

To understand our philosophy and our partners’, you need a consumer who appreciates it, who can and wants to buy it. And we have been building our resident international community for the last 14 years. Transparent, Spain lover, its culture and of course, its gastronomy. We have been carving our way and generating a community of people who have in common with us affinity and human values.  Therefore, MadeinSpain was the piece we needed to be closer to them. Advising on high quality Spanish products, unique and fantastic experiences, in short, keep sharing our energy and love for Spain.

Furthermore, the current situation is not going to allow many tourists to come to our country this year. But they live here, and they will be able to move to restaurants, wineries, and any place that we propose because it has a special value, and they can consume Spanish products 365 days a year when residing here.

MadeinSpain.store + Residente internacional = la ecuación perfecta

We are prepared to lead this opportunity, we hope that many Spanish companies in the gastronomy sector want to join us on this path to success. Our country have great products, some of the best in the world, the best gastronomic diet, the Mediterranean Diet, but it is not worth just knowing it, you have to prove it every day, disclosing it to people who want to know it … and pay for it, do you sign up?


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