Identity: no knowledge, no business

It is one of the burdens that we suffer in Spain. Ignorance about our products, ignorance of their origin. If we knew more about them, we would probably have a greater sense of belonging to our country, Spain, and we would also identify ourselves more with our products.

Identity is a set of features or characteristics of a person or things that allows it to be distinguished from others. Theory is fine. But when we put it into practice, in real life, the identity is no longer so clear. Because marketing has worked hard to separate us from our essences, which identifies us to a country, and which eventually provides us with security and confidence when buying those products. It is very clear that the more you invest in marketing, the more possibilities of success, more easily convincing society, and generating more customers. But that’s not always true. Communicating correctly and with an informative and attractive content plan can also be effective in generating business and growing in market share.

Strengthen our strengths

This is the Damocles’ Sword that grips us. Honestly, I do not understand that a country that has so much gastronomic wealth, no matter how you look at it, from north to south and east to west, we are not the top-1-country in gastronomy’s rank.

But first, you must create a joint identity of the differences, the true differentiating value, and what unites us in our country. Differences can unite you because the fusion of products makes the union more unique and exclusive.

We have been researching the Spanish gastronomic market for almost a year, to choose the most representative products for our MadeinSpain.store website, and we have not ceased to be surprised by the huge number of high-quality products we have discovered. And I do say discovered because honestly, if we do not investigate thoroughly, it is not easy to find most of the brands. Why? Well, because it is very difficult to find them in stores. And I am not referring to delicatessen shops that, are proliferating little by little fortunately, but to supermarkets or shopping centers, they have lack of gourmet products or spaces to project Spanish gourmet products, except for a Spanish one.

There is so much quality that it is really exciting to see and know about it, but when you talk to the producers, they tell us that they are aware of the excellent quality of their products but that the domestic market, as a general rule, does not get the value as it should. And in many times the abroad’s exit is the solution. Although you find others who tell us that international markets are their only client or for whom they are focused on, without despising the national market, they do not expect so much form it though. Abroad they do know what we are worth.

Yet we cannot work at the political level, because they are all low-level profile to see the problem with the vision of an enormous opportunity for Spain, Romero Premium Networking suggests that all Spanish quality brands invest more time in their communication, and base it on the arguments that make them special: quality, exclusive, unique products, healthy properties, etc. Being first-class producers, I do not understand there are more and more products that we don’t know of their existence, because the only way out is internationalization. That is fantastic, and we agree with it, however, we cannot tolerate that we substitute our products, upper quality, for imported stuff, worse an inferior in the domestic market.

Products such as nuts, fish, not to mention fruits, come to mind. And that will soon happen with the acorn-fed hams. If we want to value our products more and better for the next generations of Spaniards, we must tell them that we are here, we have always been, and what we produce is the best of the best, also for Spaniards. They recognize us with endless prizes internationally, but not at home, because, for example, if we know that our extra virgin olive oil is excellent, we know that, but then why don’t we buy it? Because it is very expensive, we say, and we prefer refined olive oil, which is not comparable to Extra Virgin, in terms of quality and benefits for the health.

Identidad: sin conocimiento no se genera negocio

Today Spain is lost somehow, and it is because we lack of identity, to recognize ourselves, ensemble together, getting value of our cultural differences from other homogeneous ones. Let’s work on emotional communication, let’s get to the soul, and that will contribute to change.As from Barcelona, ​​Catalan and Spanish, the sum of all of them, have made me recognize the magnitude of my country, and MadeinSpain.store will do the best to raise our value among those of us who reside in Spain.



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