EGOLEUM: A new partner at ROMERO

A firm which is almost 10 years old and chaired by Javier Salinas since 2015. A tireless entrepreneur (with a clear business vision) himself, Salinas aims for taking Egoleum to every corner of the world.

Romero is fortunate to have met the people and the firms that share the same human and business values (what we call ‘Premium Networking’). And Egoleum is one of our country’s wonderful exceptions. Romero wants them to be considered normal as they flourish more and more each day.

In operation since 2011, this Catalan company has its seat in Madrid sede en Madrid. Currently,  it is one of those firms led by someone who knows what he wants: the Spanish point of reference español of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) at world level. He feels so strongly about this.


Therefore, its CEO and owner  (Javier Salinas) is clear that a major communication effort needs to be made so as to make its product better known through the media. It is still a pending subject for Spain but we will not get into the details of this here.

Salinas is passionate about oil and loves his states. He takes maximum care both as regards production and the packaging that envelops it. As a person who thinks that hard work is the only thing which paves the way to achive one’s life goals. Within a strategic relationship, Romero has seen the partner that better facilitates growing worldwide and helps improving the positioning of the brand Spain overseas. Side by side. No time limit. Our goal is the same: we want Spain to be recognised throughout the world as the highest reference point in maximum quality gastronomy.


Highest quality EVOO

Egoleum is a type of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (PEVOO) from a state of olive trees (from the picul variety) located in the province of Granada. All production processes are carefully monitored with a view to create a highest quality oil by upholding highest standards of craftsmanship.


The state lodges hundred-year-old olive trees which have been treated with great care from generation to generation. They all are recorded and numbered which helps to monitor the complete traceability.

The harvesting of its olives is made in a manner entirely handmade by using a wooden rod. The process is always carried out at night in order to prevent the olives from suffering alteration. The olive picking takes place at the beginning of October (when the ripeness stage is optimal).

19 kilos of olives are used to produce one litre of EVOO.

For Egoleum, the quality of the final product is not only a key issue but also its key priority regardless of the high cost. Quality is priceless and that makes a difference compared to other types of EVOO.



At present, Egoleum can bee seen in a large number of Premium restaurants and hotels at the national level as well as in various international markets. This is one of the most important goals to be achieved (jointly with Romero) through our strategic contacts and with a view to increasing the worldwide presence of Egoleum in 2020.

During this year, we will develop an strategic business and communication plan together so as to achieve the planned targets both locally and intenationally. Events and commercial actions focusing on the domestic market, the foreign market international resident. Romero’s online sales channel (MadeinSpainStore) will be launched. With the help of Xavier Lahuerta, our Gastronomy Ambassador Director, we will develop the product in markets such as Catalonia.

There will be a great many things that you will discover soon.

We are honoured and pleased to work with Egoleum so as to gain strength with the aim of making Spain a better country.



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